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Menstrual Man

Special Presentation

Director's Statement: 


I have always wanted to explore the issues of rural development and women's empowerment in India. Yet, I found it impossible to approach the subjects without some apprehension. As an educated, middle class, overseas Indian, I was in effect an outsider. How could I possibly have a sufficient understanding of the issues facing India's poor? It's bad enough when Westerners make patronizing "poverty porn" on India, but what if the condescension came from a fellow countryman?

Then one day a friend sent me an article on Muruganantham. Talk about an Outsider. You know social entrepreneurship increasingly seems like the pastime of the rich? Affluent-types doing good in order to give something back to society, and so forth? Well Muru never got anything from society, yet here he was, giving something back nonetheless. This guy was on the outside because he was an insider!

Oh, then there is the 'lil bit about him tackling "a female issue." This guy took menstrual matters head on, and I was worried about my limited understanding of a subject?

I contacted Muruganantham the next day. "I am only an illiterate man," he said as we began our first interview a week later. Yes. An illiterate man who has made us all a little more humble, and a whole lot more inspired.


A kindergarten headmistress discovers a series of disturbing cartoons drawn by a docile pupil.
An amateur actor struggles to rise to the occasion on the set of his first porn movie.
A middle-aged nightclub bouncer faces off with a rebellious teenage stripper.

First-time director Ken Kwek tells three iconoclastic stories in an award winning short film that pitches political correctness out the window of Singapore mainstream cinema.


Director's Statement: 


I made Sex.Violence.FamilyValues as a reaction to the sanitized content of Singapore television, where themes deemed ‘risque’ or ‘controversial' – such as sex and race – are still beyond the bounds of honest expression, satirical or otherwise.

I thought with the medium of film, there might be more latitude to explore such themes, and portray Singapore as more complex and less trivial society than its notorious ban on chewing gum suggests to outsiders.

Ironically, in October 2012, just days before its theatrical release, the film was banned by the authorities, who said the film’s contents would offend Singapore’s Indian minority and provoke racial tensions.

My producers and I went through a long appeal process, finally getting the film released in March 2013 – though with 8 seconds of dialogue beeped out, supposedly to assuage lingering anger from sensitive viewers.

Hence Sex.Violence.FamilyValues has not been screened in Singapore (or Malaysia, where it was also subsequently banned in March 2013) in its original uncensored form. I am grateful to film festivals around the world who have given this film a theatrical life, highlighting to the Singapore audience and authorities the pleasure of laughing at our own foibles.

That Girl in Pinafore (A Singapore Love Story)


Special Presentation
Should you follow your heart or your head?
That Girl in Pinafore is a coming-of-age tale set in 1993, Singapore, about dreams, friendships, and first loves.
The story follows four teenagers' efforts to bring business back to a struggling folk music pub, and the blossoming love between Jiaming and May, both fans of Singaporean folk music.
Director's Statement: 


‘A Singaporean dream’
Xinyao or Singaporean folk music has a little-known history, despite its wide influence on Singapore. My film pays homage to xinyao and I hope this brings this important piece of our cultural history back into our local consciousness.

Singapore is a young nation that only gained independence in 1965 but has seen itself grown from a tiny fishing port to one of the most expensive cities in the world. In its early stages of development, the government implemented several policies which were arguably radical for an Asian country. Most notably, English was made the first language in our schools and heavier emphasis was placed on science and mathematics, Singapore propelled to first-world status in a matter of decades.

But at what cost?

Chinese as a language has languished. Today, most Singaporeans of Chinese descent (75% of population) are unable to speak proper Mandarin. The arts and culture in Singapore has taken a backseat to building infrastructure necessary for economic development.

That Girl in Pinafore is my most personal work to date and pays homage to Xinyao, a music movement in the late 80s to early 90s when young Singaporeans penned songs about youth, dreams and love with a Singaporean flavour. They were probably the last batch of Chinese-educated students before the education system took a sharp turn to favour English. An unintended consequence of the new educational policies was that the Chinese language became considered to be low class, uncool and unnecessary.

The film is set in 1993 at the end of the golden era of Xinyao. At that time, I was a high school student, and I was exposed to the songs that inspired generations of future musicians.

By that time, “Xinyao” was losing its luster. It was no longer considered hip as the songs’ arrangements were not on par with the Chinese pop music from Hong Kong and Taiwan. On top of that, English pop songs were gaining popularity. But Xinyao’s local flavour struck a chord with the students of that time, especially those who loved the Chinese language. Though Xinyao never travelled far beyond the shores of Singapore, and most local musicians never gained much popularity outside of its little niche, its influence on that generation’s youth was remarkable.

Many musicians of the Xinyao era, like Li Feihui, Eric Moo and Liang Wenfu, found success in their own right, and penned many hits for artistes from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Today,  Singaporean singers like Stephanie Sun and Tanya Chua have hit international fame, singing Chinese songs. It would be no exaggeration to say that these local singers were inspired by the Xinyao movement.

Back in the 90s, everyone in Singapore had a “Go West’ mentality and followed “The American Dream”. That Girl In Pinafore is a tribute to those held onto the “Singaporean dream” instead and fought for their beliefs. In spite of the changing times, they followed their heart, regardless of social expectations. I hope this coming-of-age tale based on Xinyao will touch and inspire people to listen to the music in their hearts.


World Premiere

6 individuals cross a point in Singapore that's slowly fading away.



Director's Statement: 


Singapore, to me, has been changing at breakneck speed. Even my generation, born in the 80s, have very little retained in our surrounding environment to serve as memories. Many are left behind amid these changes, almost stranded, and that was what I hoped to explore in this film.

This film was an effort of good friends who came together on a Saturday, and stayed 16 hours to make this film.



Director's Statement: 









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